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Rent A Suite

At Elite Salon Suites, we are here
to help salon owners to succeed!

We offer a variety of fresh & convenient spaces from cozy singles to roomy doubles.

Choose from a wide range of suite options tailored to meet various business needs and preferences. No matter what you've searched for, there's a perfect space for every professional!

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See the Features
of Our Suites

Renting with Elite Salon Suites allows you to customize your private space exactly how you want it!

Design a suite you’re proud to provide services in and impress your clients with an amazing new space that caters to all your needs.

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Rent a Suite

Why Should I Rent a Salon Suite?

Spacious Rooms

Experience the luxury of spacious and accommodating rooms at Elite Salon Suites. We provide an ideal setting for your business to flourish.

Natural Lighting

Elite brightly lit spaces with natural light! Create a positive and energizing atmosphere that enhances productivity.


Customize your space to fit your needs. Create an environment that aligns with your brand and personal style.

Usable Appliances

Each suite has a special sink designed for hairstylists to facilitate comfortable hair washing. This dedicated station enhances the overall experience for both the stylist and the customer.

Shared Spaces

Foster a dynamic and collaborative work enviroment at Elite Salon Suites! Collaborate with other community professionals by sharing insights, goals & achievements and even your suite to save money!

Supportive Staff

Receive continuous support from our dedicated staff! We ensure you have all the assistance needed to navigate and excel in your business.

Professional Community

Find new opportunities to cooperate with like-minded beauty professionals! Find a space in an environment where everyone has the same goal in mind: Success!

Have a Private Space

Invite your clients to a beautifully designed space where they'll feel pampered from the start.

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Tour our Suites Today

Our suites are conveniently located near major attractions, shopping, restaurants and transportation on Highway 169 & Highway 55.

Schedule a time with our Salon Manager and tour our suites for yourself! Visualize & design your new
space, take measurements, and see why Elite Salon Suites is the best choice for professional salon suite
rental in the greater Twin Cities area.

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